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  • Market Cap: $1,235,006,081,487.50
  • 24h Vol: $66,553,111,796.39
  • BTC Dominance: 44.64%

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ICO NameHooked Protocol
Start DateNovember 24, 2022
End DateDecember 01, 2022
3 Months ago

There is Breaking Bad’s stellar drug trade ride.
Then there is Money Heist’s perfect robbery in Spanish history.
& then there comes FARZI’s extraordinary counterfeit thriller.
Absolutely genius masterpiece!
#bingewatching #hooked
#Farzi #FarziOnPrime

🪝 H O O K E D !! 🪝 YEH!! 📆 😈🍑🔥🔥

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#Hooked #SaintLucia #VerveForever

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Bugger@! My Victor Reader machine, that I listen to audio books on, has died…willbwill someone please read @SirBenfro vs book to me…#hooked . 😢

#Todamoon 12 – Hani is back!

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